Reiki and Dis-ease

Reiki chakra system

What is Reiki?

Reiki is pure chi, life force energy. This life force balances emotion and nourishes every cell in the body. It is the vibration that keeps us in alignment with the universe and with nature. Chi or prana is the subtle energy that flows through the meridians and chakras, the body’s energy systems. Rei is the universal power that unites us all.

Using touch therapy, placing hands lightly on or over chakras, energy centers of the body. Healing energy, chi, flows through the practitioner to the client. While receiving Reiki, many experience deep relaxation, clarity, easing of aches and tension, a sense of calm, and increased well-being. The body enters a parasympathetic state, which helps with deep rest and in this deep rest is where the body works to get into homeostasis allowing for a very deep sleep and rest, It is from this place of deep rest where healing begins to take place.

Well-being of mind, body, and spirit can only be attained when we are in homeostasis, or balance.

Energy is everything

In 1992, Bruce Tainio at Eastern State University in Washington built the world’s first frequency monitor. He found that a healthy human body has an energy signature of 62-MHz; however, cancer resides in 42-MHz, Epstein Barr resides in 52-MHz, and colds and flu’s set in at 58-MHz. When frequency drops, the immune system is weakened. It is paramount to keep our vibrations high!


Daily thoughts and feelings that are negative in nature (anger, worry, resentment, fear, guilt, etc.) can easily impact life force or vibration. These harmful thoughts and feelings disrupt the flow of chi throughout the body, and the energy force given to organs is diminished. Many people who live with anger experience low energy to the liver area, for example.

When life force is low, we experience symptoms of a weakened system like low mood, worry, sleep issues, brain fog, and fatigue. We also become more susceptible to dis-ease states and illness because our vibration is low.

External factors that deplete our life force are media, violent movies or television shows, bodily trauma through accidents, music with negative lyrics, unhealthy relationships, disrespectful workplaces, substance abuse (alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, hard drugs), and environmental chemical and electromagnetic toxins. Positive thoughts and body loving habits raise our frequency.

How Reiki Helps

Whether its a distant or one-on-one session or even on one’s self, is great for increasing life force energy or vibration. It promotes relaxation, instills a deep sense of peace, and reduces the harmful effects of stress. By increasing life force throughout the body, you feel more centered and heal more quickly, and begin moving toward your ideal set point for mental, physical, and spiritual balance. Your natural healing mechanisms are ignited.

The proven benefits of Reiki include

1. Stress Reduction and Increased Relaxation

A high percentage of illness is due to stress. Stress can create irregular heart rhythms, increased cortisol, digestive issues, weight gain, mood issues, sexual dysfunction, and so much more. Reiki can begin to unwind the harmful effects of stress.

2. Uplifted Mood and Greater Calm

Studies have demonstrated the increased sense of well-being with energy healing and Reiki, it is becoming more and more accepted as a form of alternative medicine in many top hospitals around the world. It is noninvasive, gentle, and safe.

Benefits are more pronounced in those with positive mood states. As mood improves, consistent feelings of worry, anger, and sadness soften. Sleep often deepens becomes more effortless as thoughts and feelings become more positive and in alignment.

3. Improved Wellbeing during Cancer Treatment

The journal Integrative Cancer Therapy reports that when reiki was received for five straight days followed by a week without treatment and then two more sessions, those undergoing treatment for various cancers reported significant decreases in tiredness, pain, and anxiety, and improved quality of life.

This Ancient Modality has benefits to all aspects of all beings from preconception to pregnancy and infancy to the elder years.

Begin your journey toward wholeness and greater well-being. Give Reiki a try and Schedule your session with Be Well’s Usui Reiki Master, Brittney Jewell.

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