Yoga Classes Near Downtown Ocala

Welcome to our Yoga Studio. Our mission is to help you enjoy a healthier, happier life, with greater mobility!
We offer a variety of classes for all levels in a welcoming and safe environment. We have many class offerings for beginners and more advanced practices. All of our classes are led by experienced and inspiring instructors, providing a balance of alignment, breath and mindfulness.



A Center for Holistic Well-Being

Whether you are just beginning to build your foundation, or you are continuing to develop strength, flexibility and balance, we can help!  We’re here to honor and empower your journey toward personal growth, health and well-being. No matter your fitness or flexibility level, we aim to inspire ease, confidence and a sense of possibility that lasts long after you roll up your mat. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Our classes are heart driven to give you an incredible experience!


Schedule and pay for class on our online scheduler

As you arrive, please check-in with our friendly front desk staff to confirm your scheduled class. We do not accept walk-ins, by appointment only.

Be punctual to class

Give yourself enough time to arrive at the studio, take off your shoes and socks, and turn off your cell phone and place your belongings in the community lockers. Usually, arriving a good 10-15 minutes before class starts is appropriate.

Turn off all electronics before class

Simply silence your phone during class. Exit the world of constant communication which we all love, and step onto your mat fully liberated.

Go easy on perfume & cologne

These lovely smells will come across very strongly during yoga class.  Observe good general hygiene but save the perfume as not to affect the meditation and breathing of others during the class.

Don’t chat with the person next to you during class 

Often the yoga studio is a prime gathering space for like-minded folks but keep the chatting for before or after class. Once you enter the studio, it’s time to turn inward.

Leave (even well-behaved) children at home

As lovely as your children may be, think about the length of the yoga class, their level of focus and attention, and whether it is realistic to expect your child to make it through the entire class. Leave your children at home or take them to our yoga for kid's class.

Clean up

If you borrowed a mat from the studio, please wipe down for the next person, roll it up and return to storage. If you used props, put them back neatly. Take all your stuff with you. It takes only a few seconds, and it shows you respect others who will come to use the space.

Yoga Teacher in Ocala Florida Skyler Goss RYT-200

Meet Skyler Goss RYT200 - 356408

You can expect Sky's calm and gentle personality to soothe your entire being into the ever-present reality of the spirit. Her expertise in human movement keeps everybody safe and smiling on their mats, and her loving heart supports everyone's unique journey. See you in the studio!


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