Learning the science of meditation and how to change your brainwaves to relieve stress.

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Meditation Class in Ocala Florida

Beginner Level

Meditation Class

Learning the science of meditation and how to change your brainwaves to relieve stress! 20-minute mediation.

Meditation Ocala Florida

Adept Level

Meditation Class

Learning how to get beyond your body and connect to the quantum field! Beginning to program your mind for a new future. 30-minute meditation.

Meditation in Ocala, FL

Advanced Level

Meditation Class

Learning the science of manifestation! Connecting to source and our collective consciousness. 40-minute meditation.

meditation center

Master Level

Meditation Class

Mastering the art of changing your entire state of being in order manifest the life you deserve! Practicing breathing techniques and using a dowsing pendulum to demonstrate psychic abilities! 40-minute meditation.

Virtual Meditation Class

Virtual Meditation

Digital Class

Live online meditation classes are now available on your phone, tablet, computer and TV. Learning the science of meditation and joining the movement towards elevating the collective consciousness!

Meditation Instructor Welsey McNair

Meet Wesley

Meditation Instructor

Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor and Meditation Instructor Wesley McNair offers various meditation classes and Life Coaching Services.

In addition to Wesley's natural capabilities, he has received a Bachelor of Science in the Arts of Meditation, which makes him a remarkable meditation guide.

If you are interested in learning the science of meditation, sign up for one of Wesley's classes!

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Meditation Instructor

Our Meditation Instructor is a Licensed Professional with Formal Training and Years of Experience.