Reflexology Benefits

The benefits of Reflexology

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What Is Reflexology

Reflexology is science based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. It is a unique method using the pressure of thumbs and fingers on the reflex areas.

By using both an intuitive and therapeutic touch on the foot reflex areas, each Reflexology session helps to relieve stress and tension and bring the body back into balance and harmony.

Reflexology instantly relaxes muscles

While you may initially opt to taking medication to help alleviate the sore muscles, the pain typically resurfaces once the painkiller wears off. With regular sessions, the results are immediate and longstanding; unlike toxin-filled medicine, reflexology has no side effects! It’s a natural, holistic approach to relieving muscle strain.

Reflexology improves flexibility and range of motion

As one ages without purposefully working out and staying in a constant flow of ongoing movement, joints can tighten, muscles can become weaker, and range of motion can get limited. With a sedentary lifestyle muscle stimulation becomes reduced, further limiting natural stretching ability. Reflexology targets specific nerves which, in turn, helps unblock locked energetic channels in the body to relieve muscle tension. This helps prevent injuries while performing everyday activities.

Reflexology reduces stress

This is the most obvious benefit of reflexology. Clients can achieve stress reduction by our therapist’s specifically massaging key nerves in the feet with firm, yet painless repetitive motions, to relax the muscles. This removes pressure caused by stress and also helps clear the mind, leaving you feeling calm. It can promote a serene mental balance by relaxing the nervous system and releasing “feel good” hormones in the brain creating a sense of contentment and overall well-being.

Reflexology improves circulation

By stimulating specific nerves in the feet increases the heart function. In turn, the heart pumps more efficiently thereby increasing supply of blood to the arteries. It also increases flow of blood in veins, which are able to return blood to the heart with more oxygen. Increasing the rate of circulation results in improved oxygen supply to vital organs such as the kidneys and the brain, which consequently improves the function of the renal and central nervous system, among other physical benefits.

Reflexology improves the immune system

Reflexology improves the bodies toxicity capacity, thereby promoting a better immune system. It also increases the body’s natural killer cells and helps fight bacteria and infection by naturally enhancing the body’s ability to nourish important organs.

Stimulates nerve function.

Human feet contain 26 bones, 33 joints, and a network of over 100 tendons connected to thousands of nerves. Reflexology stimulates more than 7000 nerves in the feet ~ wonderfully encouraging the opening and clearing of neural pathways. Traditionally, Chinese therapists stimulated nerves through acupuncture and (even Qi Gong practice) for removal of bad chi; Western civilization suggests the removal of toxins as the stimulating factor. Both are right. Nerves transmit impulses to the brain and relay responses to organs. A stimulated reflex point encourages optimized nerve function response.

Reflexology reduces pain

Reflexology can effectively reduce pain. Medical experts recommend this therapy to help cope with both post-operative surgical rehabilitation and recovery of injury. Cancer patients find sessions profoundly help treat chemotherapy-induced nausea. Women in labor or those who experience severe menstrual cramps also attest to reduced pain due to this technique. Lastly, this therapy has been effective in treating patients with chronic back and neck pains.

Reflexology increases energy

How would you like some extra natural energy to enjoy your work and personal life? Reflexology improves body and neural functions, which allows the system to perform at optimal capacity. A relaxed and stress-free individual is naturally more energetic and can perform better. When one’s raises their energy, it makes it easier (and more fun) to work and play harder. This therapy will enable you to experience a renewed, rejuvenated, refreshed, and invigorated spirit that will promote an active lifestyle.

Reference – Mark Volkmann

If you’d like to experience the benefit of Reflexology yourself, you can schedule with Be Well’s professional Licensed Massage Therapist’s.

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